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Who We Are

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Stephanie Verbrugghe, Founder & CEO

Farbridge Pharma Consulting specializes in GxP Quality Assurance with a demonstrated track record of success in the areas of Manufacturing, Distribution, Pharmacovigilance, and Clinical Trials.


Founded by Belgian Industrial Pharmacist Stephanie Verbrugghe, Farbridge now calls San Diego its home. She is passionate about Life Sciences and Quality Management. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and two additional Master’s degrees, in Industrial Pharmacy and in Total Quality Management. She studied at five universities and worked in Belgium, Australia and the United States. Through her professional experience, she was granted the certifications of Qualified Person (QP) and Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) by the Belgian Health Authorities and Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional (CPGP) by ASQ. She is a Board Member of the Belgian Professional Association of

  Pharmacists working in the Life Science Industry (UPIP-VAPI).


The main concept behind the creation of Farbridge Pharma was to leverage specific skills and exceptional knowledge learned through years of GxP experience in Europe to ease the U.S. companies' access to the EU (and vice versa) clinical trials and market.


We offer services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the U.S. and Europe, which include : 

  • QA Consulting covering the entire GxP spectrum with local or international expertise and staffing solutions

  • US-EU bridging, facilitating the expansion of the Clients' exposure on another continent while guaranteeing compliance with local quality regulations

  • Industry-related training designed for Clients and Individual Professionals who want to level up their careers.  

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Our Philosophy

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We apply continuous improvement principles to systems and to ourselves. 

We, as consultants, learn a lot thanks to the nature of the job. With the opportunity to work on several projects with a variety of teams and methods, we are able to realize a more valuable experience.   

Additionally, it is important to us that our team members stay on top of their game by always developing their skills and enhancing their knowledge. It is our desire to satisfy our internal and external Clients. We care about the growth of our employees while offering the resources necessary to do so.  


Together we go further.  

The advantage of being a member of a consultancy team is that you are never alone. Your success, our clients' success is our success!  

We love what we do.  

We choose to create a friendly and passionate work environment which results in rewarding relationships and the attainment of both personal and professional fulfillment.  

By bringing talented individuals on board and providing valuable training, we assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies in maneuvering through the complex requirements associated with GxP. We leverage each team member's experience to ensure top-quality results, flexibility and competent staffing solutions. 

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